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Web Services
Diamond - Unlimited Webspace, Unlimited Bandwidth, Instant Activation - £10.50 pm or £105 pa !
Bronze - 2500Mb Webspace, 20Gb Bandwidth, Instant Activation - £2.50 pm or £25 pa ! Silver - 5000Mb Webspace, 50Gb Bandwidth, Instant Activation - £4.50 pm or £45 pa ! Gold - 1000Mb Webspace, 100Gb Bandwidth, Instant Activation - £8.50 pm or £85 pa !

All web space is suitable for both business and personal use. The only thing you need to decide is how much space and bandwidth you want. Upgrades are also possible at a later date should you require more. Click on any of the medals above for more information.

All accounts come with an amazing selection of web building tools from wizards to templates to fully automated installs for your ecommerce site, bulletin board, forum, picture gallery, in fact anything you can think of.

All this and when you purchase your domain through us too everything is activated instantly. Your website will be up and running in minutes!


Thank you for your interest in

clan management, web hosting,
domain registration

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